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February 2018: Free HD Desktop & Phone Wallpapers

Let the vibrant colors greet you when you start your day or as you get to work with this February 2018 batch of free HD wallpapers by Paper Pirate!

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7 Ways To Make Your Freelance Clients Happy

Be it your sideline or your full time job, freelancing is a mix of flexible schedules and hard-hitting deadlines. Be it if you are an artist, graphic designer, web designer, photographer, or a fashion designer, one of the most important things you have to remember is to make your clients happy. Now how will you make sure of that?

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Inspiration: A Calling to Create

Ever get those days when you’re asked to make something and you end up scratching your head for hours and hours wondering where in the world you can get some ideas? You search far and wide, you dig up those last bits of crumbs you’ve left in your brain’s creative vault and you just try and make something out of it. Well these are those days where you hope to find inspiration, but what about those days when Inspiration finds you?

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