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Character Design: 5 Tips on Creating Personality

In any story, a character is the most important subject. If the character is well-written, then the story will be able to effectively move or entertain its audience. This is why characters, before production or before it is presented, is carefully studied. But how do you create a character? How are you able to create a face no one has seen before? Where do you even start?

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The Fort: Process and Notes

After finishing The Treehouse I decided to experiment a bit more on the topic. If that gave a more jungle feel to it I wanted to paint something a little bit more for a child, preferably somewhere along the lines of a child having his or her own fort/treehouse in the middle of the woods near home or a natural park; maybe giving a more playground feel to it too. I wanted to imagine a place where a kid would want to spend time in, maybe with his or her friends or just alone. Somewhere to read, somewhere to play, somewhere to go that’s both safe and adventurous. And like I said before, I’ve always wanted a treehouse, and this maybe close to how I wanted it to look and where.

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Duet by Glen Keane: Experiencing the Interactive Film

You’ve probably seen the animated short film called Duet, directed by the legendary Disney animator Glen Keane, but this experience was entirely different. The breathtaking animation is available for download in Google Spotlight Stories app along with other stories that gives you a chance to turn your phones or tablets into a window to another world. […]

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