Paper Pirate started out as an idea I came up with when I was in high school. I wanted to do something creative while juggling with schoolwork and decided to design a few graphic shirts for pocket money. This was back in 2010, and that started it all. 

5E8E6114-D8B9-4877-85F1-470FEA6009C3_1_201_aDuring my college years I decided to try my hands on entrepreneurship and arts once again. This time I started joining art markets under the name Paper Pirate during the weekends. No matter how busy I was, I remember being so excited to work on more designs, illustrations, and products all the while as I worked on my college thesis and other projects. This got me hooked! I met so many interesting fellow artists, inspiring entrepreneurs, and art enthusiasts that welcomed me into this thrilling adventure. The energy each moment gave was exciting, and I knew I found something I wanted to keep doing. 

“Do not let the winds and tides trick you into retreat,
let it challenge you to rage on.”

Soon after graduating I started formally teaching Media and Information Literacy, Entrepreneurship, and Art in my Alma mater while managing Paper Pirate. This part of my life made me realize that I not only wanted to keep creating art but to teach it as well. 

Now that I’m fully dedicating my time and energy into Paper Pirate, it has become the perfect platform for me to do all these things and more. Although the future holds many more surprises as I sail through these uncharted waters, my mission remains the same:

To inspire, to learn, and to keep making art.

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