February 2018: Free HD Desktop & Phone Wallpapers


Your love for our January 2018 HD Free Wallpapers release, was incredible!
Thank you for all the likes, love, tweets, and support!

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Let the vibrant colors greet you when you start your day or as you get to work with this February 2018 batch of free HD wallpapers by Paper Pirate!

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Take a screenshot and tag us in any of our social media accounts or send us a message. We would love to feature your photos! Have a colorful day ahead, Pirates!

Covered in Red DESKTOP - Paper PirateWoman DESKTOP - Paper PirateWise DESKTOP - Paper PirateLeft in the Dust DESKTOP - Paper PirateVillage DESKTOP - Paper PirateSmall Sailboat DESKTOP - Paper PirateLamp in the Night DESKTOP - Paper PirateButterfly DESKTOP - Paper PirateGreatest Showman DESKTOP - Paper PirateFlying Colors DESKTOP - Paper Pirate

Small Sailboat Phone - Paper PirateFlying Colors Phone - Paper PirateLamp in the Night Phone - Paper PirateLeft In The Dust Phone - Paper PirateWise Phone - Paper PirateWoman Phone - Paper PirateCovered in Red Phone - Paper Pirate

Paper Pirate

Paper Pirate (Mary Cruz) is a teacher by day, artist by night, and an entrepreneur in between. Inspiring others to keep making art and taking on adventures. The paperpirateship.com is the official site and blog of Paper Pirate, showcasing the art and illustration of Mary Cruz.

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