Duet by Glen Keane: Experiencing the Interactive Film

You’ve probably seen the animated short film called Duet, directed by the legendary Disney animator Glen Keane, but this experience was entirely different. The breathtaking animation is available for download in Google Spotlight Stories app along with other stories that gives you a chance to turn your phones or tablets into a window to another world.

This interactive app features the gorgeously drawn 2D animation (hand-drawn) film about a young boy and a young girl falling in love. You watch them as the story progresses and follow them across their world. As the characters run, walk, jump, and just move around, it is your task as the viewer to immerse yourself to their story.

My Experience
My experience came along with goosebumps that have always been present even as I first watched Duet when it was released. Now with the immersive medium of the app and the now somewhat 3D feel of the animation, I was on my feet circling the room just trying to catch every bit of  this amazing work. I played it over and over again as there was so much going on.

I used my iPad instead of my phone, and as you can imagine, I was bending back and lifting the iPad above my head; this app does not allow you to stay still! It literally asks you to capture their story, to follow them; and I think that’s what’s so great about it.

The Animation
You expect nothing less from Glen Keane, as the smoothness of the character’s movement and direction takes gracefulness to a whole new level. It is amazing to watch it this way. I love watching animation tests because I can still see the guidelines and the texture of the pencil against the paper, and still seeing this through the app and its technology made the animation more magical than it already is flat. With 60 frames per second, you can watch the characters age seamlessly. (Tip: MAJOR GOOSEBUMPS 1:00 – 1:10)

The Music
Besides the animation, the music was something else as well. As you follow one of the characters you would notice the music follows their action, and what’s even more impressive is it follows yours too. When you drift away from the scene the music will fade away, and the distance would seem so real that when you try to go back to the characters the music would accompany you or rather guide you to where they are.

It is something that can’t just be said, it is something that you must see for yourself. So I hope you can experience this amazing piece! Enjoy, and don’t forget to try the other stories on this app!

The app is available for download here
iOS: Google Spotlight Stories for iOS
Android: Google Spotlight Stories Download for Android

-Follow the girl first then follow the boy.. And just for fun, follow the dog last
-Listen to the music for both characters and when they find each other throughout the story
-Wear earphones
-When the characters find their way up in the tree, look around
-When the girl jumps off the tree and lands in water, try to look above and see the light and water animation, then look below and see how deep it is
-Watch it over and over again and try different angles
-Watch the animation with a friend, one follows the girl and the other follows the boy; place both devices next to each other at the beginning of the film

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